"Before" picture

"Before" picture

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Cabinets are here!

Well, some of them. Apparently we ordered so many cabinets that they didn't all fit in the delivery truck. They have to make a second trip sometime in the coming week to get us the rest of our order. This is a gigantic step up from the seven total cabinets I have right now. Here's our current cabinet configuration:

That's all folks. Just those few cabinets, which is why we have a separate free-standing cabinet that serves as our pantry. While our awesome floor-to-ceiling pantry cabinet is not one of the ones that arrived today, here's a gander at a few that did:

Simple and clean lines. We plan to add brushed nickel hardware to match the light fixtures.

Honestly, unpacking these cabinets, with the boys helping throw the packing material into the trash (stopping now and then to pop some bubble wrap), is one of my favorite new memories.

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