"Before" picture

"Before" picture

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Excavation--days 4 and 5

Yesterday the crew undercut our house's foundation, which is a little creepy. The dining room is now being held up by the chunk of earth left in the middle of this picture:

Before Sonny the excavator guy left yesterday, he laid the rebar into the trough he'd cut for the footer. But it doesn't show up in photos well since it's nearly the same color as the dirt. So just trust me on that one.

Then today they poured the footer:

If the rain stays away tomorrow (please!), they will start laying the block on the footer. If that part gets done, and Ken gets delivery of the materials from 84 Lumber, and the place Ken ordered a Dumpster from drops their huge metal container off, then he is good to go for framing the new second story this weekend. It's looking like the kitchen part will have to wait till the following weekend, though. Not a big deal since the boys and I will be out of the house for both weekends. On purpose. Cuz it's gonna be loud and messy.

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